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House Sitting

Longevity Home Care Agency understands your concerns when you are leaving town. Here at Longevity Homecare Agency we are the best babysitters for your home in the community. We treat your home just like you will.

• Purchase or order groceries and household supplies to keep kitchens stocked and record expenditures.

• Observe precautions required to protect property, report damage and theft.

• Occupy and oversee residence to maintain order and security of properly during temporary absence of owner.

• Monitors entrances to property and secures locks and other devices to prevent access of unauthorized persons.

• Answer phone calls, take messages, pick up mails and forward to owner as requested.

• Clean vacuum and dust.

• Feed pets and take out for walks.

• Inspects utilities such as plumbing and air-conditioning to detect problems requiring services of repairer and contact repair establishment to arrange for necessary repairs.

We treat you like family!

Get the proper care you deserve from the comfort of your own home.